The CMUcam Vision Sensor   
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What is the exact sequence of steps performed on power up by demo mode?

    Here is the exact sequence that demo mode performs on power up:

    1. Reset the camera.

    2. Wait 5 seconds for the camera parameters auto adjustment to stabilize.

    3. Send the camera register string: "CR 18 32 19 32"
      This selects YCrCb mode and turns off auto gain.

    4. Execute the "TW" command.

What is the exact sequence of steps performed by the "TW" command?

    Here is the exact sequence that the "TW" command performs:

    1. Shrink the window to 1/4 the size (in each dimension) of the current window to a new window centered at the current window center.

    2. Call get mean.

    3. Restore the window to the full image size.

    4. Set the min and max value for each color channel to be the mean for that channel -/+ 30.

Under what conditions does the tracking led light up when auto mode is enabled?

    The led will light when the returned pixel count >= 2. The returned pixel count = (actual_pixel_count + 4) / 8

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