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Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Neural crystal: a dynamic recurrent network

A Market-Oriented Programming Environment and its Application to Distributed Multicommodity Flow Problems
Dynamic Backtracking
An Empirical Analysis of Search in GSAT

Software Agents: Completing Patterns and Constructing User Interfaces

The Difficulties of Learning Logic Programs with Cut
Decidable Reasoning in Terminological Knowledge Representation Systems
Teleo-Reactive Programs for Agent Control

Bias-Driven Revision of Logical Domain Theories

Learning the Past Tense of English Verbs: The Symbolic Pattern Associator vs. Connectionist Models

Substructure Discovery Using Minimum Description Length and Background Knowledge

Exploring the Decision Forest: An Empirical Investigation of Occam's Razor in Decision Tree Induction

A Semantics and Complete Algorithm for Subsumption in the Classical Description Logic

Applying GSAT to Non-Clausal Formulas

A System for Induction of Oblique Decision Trees

Random Worlds and Maximum Entropy

Pattern Matching and Discourse Processing in Information Extraction from Japanese Text

On Planning while Learning

Wrap-Up: a Trainable Discourse Module for Information Extraction

Operations for Learning with Graphical Models

Total-Order and Partial-Order Planning: A Comparative Analysis

Solving Multiclass Learning Problems via Error-Correcting Output Codes
Truncating Temporal Differences: On the Efficient Implementation of TD(lambda) for Reinforcement Learning
A Domain-Independent Algorithm for Plan Adaptation
On the Informativeness of the DNA Promoter Sequences Domain Theory

Cost-Sensitive Classification: Empirical Evaluation of a Hybrid Genetic Decision Tree Induction Algorithm

Representing and Restructuring Domain Theories: A Constructive Induction Approach
Using Pivot Consistency to Decompose and Solve Functional CSPs
Adaptive Load Balancing: A Study in Multi-Agent Learning
Pac-Learning Recursive Logic Programs: Efficient Algorithms
Pac-learning Recursive Logic Programs: Negative Results
Probably Bounded-Optimal Agents
Induction of First-Order Decision Lists: Results on Learning the Past Tense of English Verb
FLECS: Planning with a Flexible Commitment Strategy
Building and Refining Abstract Planning Cases by Change of Representation Language
Using Qualitative Hypotheses to Identify Inaccurate Data
An Integrated Framework for Learning and Reasoning
Learning Membership Functions in a Function-Based Object Recognition System
Improving Connectionist Energy Minimization
Diffusion of Context and Credit Information in Markovian Models
Flexibly Instructable Agents
Vision-Based Road Detection in Automotive Systems: A Real-Time Expectation-Driven Approach
Translating between Horn Representations and their Characteristic Models
Statistical Feature Combination for the Evaluation of Game Positions
Rule-based Machine Learning Methods for Functional Prediction
Decision-Theoretic Foundations for Causal Reasoning
OPUS: An Efficient Admissible Algorithm for Unordered Search
Generalization of Clause 1000 s under Implication
The Design and Experimental Analysis of Algorithms for Temporal Reasoning
Well-Founded Semantics for Extended Logic Programs with Dynamic Preferences
Logarithmic-Time Updates and Queries in Probabilistic Networks
Mean Field Theory for Sigmoid Belief Networks
Improved Use of Continuous Attributes in C4.5
Quantum Computing and Phase Transitions in Combinatorial Search
Active Learning with Statistical Models
Iterative Optimization and Simplification of Hierarchical Clusterings
Practical Methods for Proving Termination of General Logic Programs
A Divergence Critic for Inductive Proof
Reinforcement Learning: A Survey
Further Experimental Evidence against the Utility of Occam's Razor
The Computational Complexity of Probabilistic Planning
The Divide-and-Conquer Subgoal-Ordering Algorithm for Speeding up Logic Inference
Computational Aspects of Reordering Plans
Adaptive Parallel Iterative Deepening Search
Probabilistic Inference from Arbitrary Uncertainty using Mixtures of Factorized Generalized Gaussians
The Gn,m Phase Transition is Not Hard for the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem
An Empirical Approach to Temporal Reference Resolution
The Ariadne's Clew Algorithm
AntNet: Distributed Stigmergetic Control for Communications Networks
The Automatic Inference of State Invariants in TIM
Complexity of Prioritized Default Logics
A Temporal Description Logic for Reasoning about Actions and Plans
Order of Magnitude Comparisons of Distance
Solving Highly Constrained Search Problems with Quantum Computers
A Counterexample to Theorems of Cox and Fine
Efficient Implementation of the Plan Graph in STAN
Modeling Belief in Dynamic Systems, Part II: Revision and Update
Cooperation between Top-Down and Bottom-Up Theorem Provers
Probabilistic Deduction with Conditional Constraints over Basic Event
Tractability of Theory Pathcing
Model-Based Diagnosis using Structured System Descriptions
Monotonicity and Persistence in Preferential Logics
A Selective Macro-Learning Algorithm and its Application to the NxN Sliding-Tile Puzzle
Integrative Windowing
Incremental Recomplation of Knowledge
Cached Sufficient Statistics for Efficient Machine Learning with Large Datasets
Synthesizing Customized Planners from Spacifications